Squidge the Friendly Mind Melter

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Squidge the Friendly Mind Melter

Post by Squidge » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:24 am

Player Name: SalmonMax
Google Handle: samminmax@gmail.com

Name: Squidge
Rank: Novice
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: Mind Melter
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 9 (4)

Skills: 15/15
Athletics 1d6 (1)
Common Knowledge 1d6 (1)
Notice 1d6 (1)
Persuasion 1d8 (2)
Stealth 1d6 (1)
Fighting 1d4 (1)
Shooting 1d4 (1)
Performance 1d6 (2)
Intimidation 1d6+2 (2)
Psionics 1d10 (3)

Major: Heroic
Minor: Pacifist
Minor: Driven - Conquer the world, so I can save it
IF: Quirk - Is always quoting her songs at people, and giving away recordings

IF: Mind Melter
AB: Psionics, 5 powers, Power Points, Major Psionic, Master Psionic; starts with Psionics d6 and 30 ISP (includes starting edges)
Alter Aura - Conceal Arcana as innate ability with Range (Self) limit, can imitate supernatural auras if desired
Expanded Awareness - Detect Arcana as innate ability with Range (Self) and Aspect limits. Notice check to sense supernatural beings.
Master of Psionics - Reroll any Trait roll when using psychic abilities and the Psionic skill, can't reroll a critical fail
Mental Resistance - Gain +4 to resist psionic effects, and +4 armor against damage from psionic powers, stacks with any appropriate powers

Quirk Hindrance
Feared: -2 Persuasion when dealing with people who fear them, and know you are one
Enemies: Coalition and True Federation HATE mind melters and prioritize them accordingly

IF: AB Psionics
IF: Power Points
IF: Major Psionic
IF: Master Psionic
HJ: Rapid Recharge
Human: Improved Rapid Recharge (recover 20 ISP/hour of rest)
Hind: Mentalist (+2 to opposed Psionics rolls)
Hind: Concentration (double duration of non-instant powers)
5xp: Charismatic

200 Universal Credits
NG-S2 Survival Pack (includes a Survival Knife, wooden cross, and wooden stakes)
Plastic Man Light EBA
Wilk’s 320 “Classic” Laser Pistol
- Multi-Optics Scope; ignore illumination penalties when Aiming, and 2 points of range penalties
2 E-clips

Detect Arcana (innate; 1 ISP, Range Self, Duration 5; ignore up to 4 penalty points for targets hidden by powers)
- Exalted +2 ISP; Gain more information, including weaknesses and vulnerabilities
- Presence Sense +1 ISP; Sense presence and exact location of living beings in Smarts range, no line of sight required

Conceal Arcana (innate; 1 ISP, Range Self, Duration 1 hour)
- Strong +1 ISP; -2 to opposed Detect rolls
- Exalted +2 ISP; -2 to opposed Detect rolls, -4 on raise

Mind Wipe (ISP 3, range smarts, instant; resisted by smarts; remove memory of single event (up to 30 min, or several hours on raise)
- Edit +1 ISP; Memories are changed instead of removed
- Fast Cast +2 ISP; Mind Wipe is cast as an action instead of a full minute
- Greater +2 ISP; several hours removed, or a full day with raise
- Exalted +20 ISP; Can remove ALL memories and identity, requires dramatic task, Edit costs +5 when used with this

Mind Reading (ISP 2, Range Smarts, Instant, resisted by Smarts; obtain 1 truthful answer (target unaware of invasion with raise)
- Mind Walk +4 ISP; freely explore memories and mind of target, Duration becomes minutes; ask any number of questions or converse
Puppet (ISP 3, Range Smarts, Duration 5, resisted by Spirit, target completely controlled on raise)
- Additional Recipients: +2 ISP/extra target
- Mind Control +3 ISP, target at -2 (-4 on raise) to resist; can be combined with Mind Link to control at any range

Protection (ISP 1, Range Self Only, Duration 5; +2 armor (+4 with raise))
- More Armor +1 ISP; grants 4 Armor (+6 on raise)
- Toughness +2 ISP; grants Toughness instead of armor, stacks with worn armor
- Greater Protection +3 ISP; grants 6 MDC (+8 on raise) that stacks with MDC armor, or any armor if Toughness modifier is also used

Telekinesis (ISP 5, Range Smartsx2, Duration 5, Str 1d10 (d12 on raise))
- Exalted +3 ISP, Str 1d12, +2 per raise

Shadow Cloak Powers
Fear (2 ISP, range smarts, instant; target makes Fear roll (-2 on raise), extras panicked on fail, wild cards roll on fear table (+2 if raise)
- Area of Effect +2/+3; Medium burst or Large burst
- Greater +2; Targets are at -2 on Fear roll (-4 on raise)

Invisibility (only in darkness/shadow, 5 ISP, range smarts, duration 5; -4 to Notice and actions against, -6 on raise)
- Additional Recipients +3; Each extra target
- True Invisibility +5; applies to ALL senses, including mystical and technologically enhanced, -8 to be targeted if subject attacks, blocks scrying and divinations

Hero's Journey 3, 2, 17,4
Narrative Hook 2 - Siege of Tolkeen
Psionics 3 - Rapid Recharge
Psionics 17 - +2 Intimidation/Persuasion, +2 with Fear power
Enchanted Items 4 - Shadow Cloak (3 ISP/hour fear and Invisibility)

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Re: Squidge the Friendly Mind Melter

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:16 am

Looks good. Check the adventure post and the three yellow areas are where you can start. Place your character anywhere in those three areas and roll initiative then do your turn( no movement as it is being used by your placement)

Oh Max can you point me to where the rolls were made for HJ?
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