SWADE Dog Boy Cyber-Knight

In this archive lies the much honored characters and concepts that have served us through the first incarnation of Savage Worlds. Never Forgotten!
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Re: SWADE Dog Boy Cyber-Knight

Post by Stoic » Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:43 am

Cyber-Knight I.F.

„ Cyber-Armor: As a free action,
Cyber-Knights can summon an
organic metal shell granting +2
Toughness and allowing them
to ignore Gritty Damage
Setting Rule effects.
„ Cyberkinetic Combat: Any
electronic technology-based
attacks such as lasers, rail
guns, and vibro-blades suffer
a –2 to hit a Cyber-Knight.
This ability stacks with the
deflection power.
„ First Into Battle: Cyber-Knights begin
with +2 Pace and a d10 running die. If
they take the Fleet-Footed Edge, the
Pace bonuses stack and the running die
becomes a d12.
„ Inner Light: Cyber-Knights begin with
the Champion Edge (see Savage Worlds).
„ Intense Combat Training: A CyberKnight begins play with Fighting d8
and two Combat Edges (meeting all
requirements except Rank).
„ Minor Psionic: Cyber-Knights have
Arcane Background (Psionics), 10 ISP,
three powers, and Psionics d6. They
have access to the following powers
(Rank permitting): arcane protection,
boost Trait†, darksight*, deflection*, detect/
conceal arcana*, empathy, environmental
protection*, healing*, object reading,
protection*, relief, smite*, speak language,
speed†, warrior’s gift*. Powers marked
with an asterisk (*) or
dagger (†), if taken, are activated as
Innate Abilities (see page @@) usable
only on the Cyber-Knight. Those
marked asterisk (*) have the reduced
Power Points cost from the Range (Self)
limitation, while those marked dagger
(†) have both the Range (Self) and Aspect
limitations (see Trappings in Savage
Worlds). All other aspects of Arcane
Background (Psionics) remain the same.
„ Psi-Sword: As a free action, CyberKnights can summon a blade of spirit
and will. It may have any appearance
but it does not change the effects. The
Psi-Sword does Strength + Spirit × 2
damage with AP 8 (no Strength
minimum). For example, a CyberKnight with Strength d8 and Spirit
d10 does 1d8+2d10 melee damage, AP
8, with his Psi-Sword. A Cyber-Knight
may split his Psi-Sword into two blades,
one for each hand, each blade deals the
same damage but only gains AP 4. For
one ISP the blade inflicts Mega Damage
for as long as it is manifested.
„ Revered Protectors: All Cyber-Knights
enjoy +1 Persuasion when dealing with
those who know and love them as
guardians of life and freedom.

Life as a guardian and protector in such a
hostile world is never easy.
„ Code of Honor: A Cyber-Knight must
adhere to the codes and philosophies
of the Order, or he loses some or all of
his powers, depending on the degree
of transgression. The Game Master
must determine the extent of a CyberKnight’s transgressions and assess a
penalty accordingly.
Minor Transgression: −1 to all
Psionics rolls until he performs a
noble or heroic deed to atone.
Major Transgression: −2 to all
Psionics rolls, and all abilities under
Cyberkinetic Combat and Inner Light
cease to function until he undertakes
some kind of personal (or perhaps
spiritually guided) quest to atone.
His Psi-Sword is also reduced to
doing only his Str+Spirit in damage,
and all AP values are reduced by 2.
Mortal Transgression: The CyberKnight commits an action completely
opposed to the code. All CyberKnight abilities are lost. The character
may regain his abilities by fulfilling
a significant quest (determined
by the Game Master). Should the
character commit another Mortal
Transgression before regaining his
Cyber-Knight status, his spirit is
corrupted. The character regains use
of his abilities but becomes a Fallen
Cyber-Knight (see Savage Foes of North
America) under the Game Master’s
GM Bennies 9/9
Wild Card Bennies ?

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