Arcus (Open Role Playing for All Players)

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Arcus (Open Role Playing for All Players)

Post by Lars » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:26 am

Arcus - Lyn-Srial Cloud City over New Freehold

History of the City

New Freehold, located on the rebuilt ruins of Denver Colorado is a Dragon City. Floating over the city is Arcus, a Cloud City. Arcus is protected by New Freehold dragons and members of both cities trade, and work together to wipe out the Gargoyle city of New Goyle located on the ruins of old Colorado Springs.

More information is available on both cities by reading the ORP history of the city link above.

Feel free to RP here as you desire, fighting Gargoyles, hanging out in the Dragon Lords Courtroom, or exploring either city and their wonders.

If there are posts here, I, Lars, or any GM is welcome, will post responses if needed.
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