PFC Jacob Somerset, Trauma Specialist, CS 17th SOG (Ready for Inspection)

Out of the Frying Pan and Straight into the Fires of Hades and Dyval.
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PFC Jacob Somerset, Trauma Specialist, CS 17th SOG (Ready for Inspection)

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Roll Sheet for Jacob Somerset (Redone for SWADE. Kept HJ rolls 1-3 and all Tour of Duty rolls from SWD version.

Fortune & Glory (Modified for 17th SOG, straight 1d20 rolls)
1 1d20 = 20: 20
2 1d20 = 1: 1
OOC Comments
1 First Tour 1d12 = 11: 11
2 Special Forces Tour 1d20 = 19: 19
3 Special Forces Tour 1d20 = 9: 9
4 Special Forces Tour 1d20 = 18: 18 Duplicates First Tour roll. Rerolling.
5 (Reroll) Special Forces Tour 1d20 = 19: 19 | Legendary Special Forces 1d20 = 13: 13
Hero's Journey
1 1d20 = 7: 7
2 1d20 = 3: 3
3 1d20 = 9: 9
4 1d20 = 1: 1
5 1d20 = 4: 4

Tours of Duty
1 Combat Zone 1d100 = 47: 47 - Major Combat Action, 40% chance of Wound 1d100 = 40: 40
Wound 1d100 = 100: 100 | Lucked out, Recovery 1d3 = 3: 3 months, Psych Effect 1d100 = 74: 74 You're fine.
Award for Action: 1d20 = 4: 4

2 Combat Zone 1d100 = 5: 5 - Minor Combat. No effects.

3 Long Range Patrol 1d100 = 7: 7 - You screwed up! Military Discipline 1d100 = 79: 79| Severe NJP. Lose 1 Rank and passed up for next promotion.

4 Long Range Patrol 1d100 = 17: 17 - Sent to a natural disaster area.

5 Garrison 1d100 = 23: 23 - Nothing happened.

Gear Roll: 1d4 = 2: 2 Common items
Credits: 2012/month
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Jacob Somerset, CS 17th SOG (WIP)

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Character Sheet
Jacob Somerset
Rank: Veteran (3) Advances Left: 0
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: Trauma Specialist MOS
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Pace: 6; Parry: 8; Toughness: 6; Strain: 0
  • Athletics (Ag) d8
  • Common Knowledge (Sm) d4
  • Notice (Sm) d8
  • Persuasion (Sp) d6
  • Stealth (Ag) d8
  • Electronics (Sm) d6
  • Fighting (Ag) d12
  • Healing (Sm) d10
  • Intimidation (Sp) d8
  • Psionics (Sm) d10
  • Repair (Sm) d8
  • Science (Sm) d6
  • Shooting (Ag) d8
  • Survival (Sm) d4

  • Vow(Minor): Serve the Coalition
  • Enemy (Major): The character has a recurring nemesis.
  • Loyal (Minor): Encouraged by the C.S. in training, your character would give her life for her friends. This character can never leave another soldier behind if there’s any chance at all she could help.
  • Registered Psychic (Minor): Being a registered psychic in the CS is a big deal and makes you a second class citizen. While common among Psychic Soldiers, thousands of minor psychics without anything more than a touch of psychic power are also registered.

Racial Abilities
  • Ability: Adaptable. Choose one bonus Edge at character creation. Born a Hero setting rule applies.

Edges and Iconic Abilities
  • Arcane Background(Psionics): 10 PP, 3 Powers
  • Soldier: Strength is one die type higher for Encumbrance and Min Str. Reroll Vigor rolls when resisting environmental Hazards.
  • Healer: +2 to Healing rolls, magical or otherwise.
  • Combat Lifesaver: Ignore 1 point of Wound penalties when Healing or stabilizing a character (including himself). May make a Support roll to affect up to Smarts in Extras under his supervision when they check Vigor to recover per the Aftermath & Extras rules.
  • Advanced Combat Lifesaver: The hero ignores 2 points of Wound penalties when Healing or stabilizing a character (including himself). In addition, when an allied Wild Card under his care rolls on the Death & Defeat Table the hero may first make a Healing Support roll. The ally then adds that bonus (if any) to the result of their roll on the table.
  • Extraction: One adjacent foe doesn’t get a free attack when you withdraw from close combat.
  • Improved Extraction: Three adjacent foes don’t get free attacks when you withdraw from combat.
  • Bolster: May remove Distracted or Vulnerable state after a Test.
  • Adept: Upon taking this Edge and at each new Rank choose one power to become an Innate Ability with the Range (self) limitation (Boost Trait, Healing).
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Gain d4 in a skill (or d6 with a raise) until replaced.
  • Martial Arts: Unarmed Fighting +1, fists and feet count as Natural Weapons, add d4 damage die to unarmed Fighting attacks (or increase die a step if you already have it).
  • Martial Warrior: Unarmed Fighting +2, increase damage die type a step.
  • Chi: Once per combat, reroll failed attack, make enemy reroll successful attack, or add +d6 to unarmed Fighting attack.
  • Mr. Fix-It: +2 to Repair rolls, half the time required with a raise.
  • Trademark Weapon: +1 to Athletics (throwing), Fighting, or Shooting total with a specific weapon (Knife); +1 Parry while weapon is readied.
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PFC Jacob Somerset, CS 17th SOG

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Arcane Background: Psionics
ISP: 10 - Recovery: 1/hour

Stimulated Bio-Rejuvenation [Healing] (3 ISP) [Novice]
  • Range: Touch
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Controlled Breathing (Adept Trapping); Laying on hands (2nd Trapping)
  • Effect: Healing removes Wounds less than an hour old. The penalty to the caster’s arcane skill roll
is the victim’s Wounds, if any (to a maximum of −3 for those who can take more than three). A success removes one Wound, and a raise removes two. The power may be cast additional times to remove additional Wounds.
For Extras, the GM must first determine if the ally is still alive (see Aftermath, page 96). If so, a successful arcane skill roll
returns the ally to action (Shaken if it matters.)
GREATER HEALING (+10): Greater healing can restore any Wound, including those more than an hour old.
CRIPPLING INJURIES (+20): The power can heal a permanent Crippling Injury (see Incapacitation, page 95). This requires an hour of preparation and only one casting is permitted per injury. If it fails, this caster cannot heal that particular injury (but someone else may try). If successful, the subject is Exhausted for 24 hours.
NEUTRALIZE POISON OR DISEASE (+1): A successful healing roll negates any poison or disease. If the poison or disease has a bonus or penalty associated with it, the modifier applies to the arcane skill roll as well.

Psychosomatic Recovery [Relief] (1 ISP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Concentration
  • Effect: Relief removes one Fatigue level, or two with a raise. It can also remove a character’s Shaken status, and removes Stunned status with a raise.
ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.

Deep Brain Stimulation [Boost/Lower Trait] (2 ISP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: 5 (boost);Instant (lower)
  • Trapping: Concentration
  • Effect: This power allows a character to increase or decrease a target’s Trait (attribute or skill). Boosting an ally’s Trait increases the selected Trait one die type, or two with a raise, for five rounds. Lowering an enemy’s Trait has a Duration of Instant and lowers the selected attribute or skill a die type with success, or two with a raise (to a minimum of d4). A victim automatically tries to shake off the effect with a Spirit roll as a free action at the end of his following turns. Success improves the effect one die type, and a raise removes the effect entirely. Additional castings don’t stack on a single Trait (take the highest), but may affect different Traits.
NOTE: Obtained through HJ roll on Psionics (9). Does not have “Self” limitation unless used as Innate under ADEPT Edge.
ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
STRONG (+1): Lower Trait only. The Spirit roll to shake off the effect is made at −2.

Telekinesis [Telekinesis] (5 ISP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts x 2
  • Duration: 5
  • Trapping: Unblinking Gaze
  • Effect: Telekinesis is the ability to move objects or creatures (including oneself) with arcane will. It has a Strength of d10, or d12 with a raise. Unwilling opponents resist the caster's arcane skill with an opposed Spirit roll when targeted and at the start of each of their turns afterward until they're released. They can be moved up to the caster's Smarts per turn in any direction, and can be bashed into walls, ceilings, or other obstacles for Str+d6 damage. Dropped creatures suffer falling damage as usual. Telekinetic Tools: A caster can wield tools (including weapons) with telekinesis as an action. Use the caster's relevant skill when attacking in this way (not his arcane skill).

Brain Scan [Empathy] (1 ISP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: 5
  • Trapping: Conversation
  • Effect: The caster forms an emotional bond between himself and the target with a successful arcane skill vs Spirit roll. He knows the target’s emotional state and most basic surface thoughts, and gains +1 (+2 with a raise) to Intimidation, Persuasion, Performance, or Taunt rolls against him. Empathy also works on animals, adding +2 to Riding or other rolls used to interact with the creature.
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PFC Jacob Somerset, CS 17th SOG

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Jacob Somerset learned early that whoever has the power makes the rules. And from all evidence at hand the Coalition States have the power. He was born into a middle class family of non-citizens in the fortress city of New Chillicothe. His family ran a small but well-respected repair shop in the city, which they also lived above as part of a work deal worked out by the full citizen owner. His family lost their home and jobs when the owner's son inherited the business and decided to sell it.

Life is hard for non-citizen psychics in the CS. The Somerset children were split up amongst family and friends while the parents disappeared into the Burbs and have never been heard from again. Jacob was raised by his aunt and uncle who were firm and fair, if a bit distant. By the time he was a teenager he was working alongside his uncle in a factory making Skycycles. Jacob kept his nose clean and when he was 16 he entered the local recruiting station to sign up.

The initial test batteries showed he had some psychic potential, but Jacob was never able to master more than a few basic abilities. In training he displayed a natural aptitude for understanding how complex systems fit together, including the human body. He was put into an advanced combat medical program which included basic field repairs of cybernetic systems in addition to the normal battlefield medicine. Airborne and wilderness survival training rounded out his formal education.

His first tour of duty was the standard combat patrol in the Old Chicago region. Halfway through his hitch the unit was on standard patrol through the ruins of the ancient city. They were closing out a quiet week in the field and not expecting trouble. Old Chicago is unpredictable at the best of times, and punishing to the unwary. The patrol was ambushed by a Neuron Beast and a small horde of mind controlled minions from a mixture of races. Half the platoon was down screaming in terror from psionically induced hallucinations before anyone knew what was happening. The remainder of the unit found refuge in the footings of an old megastructure and hunkered in to call for reinforcements. What ensued was a 12 hour marathon of pain and bloodshed as the Beast sent wave after wave of minions and psychic assaults at the platoon, the silence between waves broken by the agonized screams of those captured in the intial wave. Through sheer determination and good tactics the unit was able to hold out until reinforcements broke through the horde and took out the Beast. It was a straightforward mop-up after that.

Jake came out of that battle barely able to speak his own name, and subsequently spent 3 months in a military psych hospital working to make the nightmares of that day a less than nightly occurrence. To this day he isn't fond of anything spiny looking, but according to the psych techs his mental state "falls within acceptable parameters of median normalcy". In other words, suck it up and get back in the fight soldier. He's one of the lucky ones. Most of the survivors received discharges, drank themselves to death, or are permanent residents of various psych facilities.

Jake jumped right back into the thick of things. He put in a request to join special forces and received the backing of his previous CO on the basis of the many men he dove into harm's way to save. A bit of advanced combat and infiltration training and he was part of a long range recon squad. His first tour was through the Missouri territory and was relatively uneventful. A few bandits and D-Bee sorcerors but nothing as extreme as his first tour.

His third tour was cut disastrously short when he was caught in a compromising position with his CO's sister and subsequently beat his CO unconscious. Despite having a reputation as a ladies' man by this point, Jake actually did care for the woman. That didn't stop her family, her brother in particular, from hating Jake though. And once again he discovered that the powerful make the rules. Even though Jake had clearly defended himself he found himself busted down a stripe and his recommendation for NCO school removed. The only silver lining was that his request to transfer was approved, though Jake still thinks that was only because Major Lawson wanted Jake away from the sister (Elizabeth).

Since then all of his assignments have been low-key rear-echelon stuff, far from the action. Despite how many times his life has been upended by those with more power than sense, he maintains his belief that the CS is humanity's best hope to reclaim their world.

Personnel Record
Name: SOMERSET, Jacob
Service Branch: Army
Service Number: MO55-420-086-FEC9-6322
Pay Grade: E-3
Pay Rate: 2070 (15% Medic Pay)
Rank: Corporal (Busted down from Lance Corporal)
Date of Birth: 4/20/86
Primary Specialty: Trauma Specialist
Military Education:
Basic Training, Technical (New Chillicothe, CS Army Technical Training College (ATTC))
Communications School, Basic (New Chillicothe)
Medical Corpsman Triage and Treatment School (New Chillicothe)
Wilderness Survival Training Course (New Chillicothe)
Jet Pack Maneuvering Course (New Chillicothe)
Military Robotics and Electronics TEchnical Support School (New Chillicothe)
Military Robotics and Advanced Armor TEchnical Support School (New Chillicothe)
Psionic Orientation and Sensitivity Course (New Chillicothe)

Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations, and Campaign:
Airborne Qualification Badge
Field Experience Badge

Disciplinary data and court martial record:
//Begin Record//
PA104: This field record entry is directed to be retained as part of the permanent record of SOMERSET, Jacob, Service #MO55-420-086-FEC9-6322. Servicemember charged with the following items by Jonathan Lawson, Major, Coalition States Army. Charges adjudicated by William Kohl, Lt Colonel, Coalition States Army.
Insubordination, 3 counts. (Guilty)
Assault, 1 count. (Guilty)
Striking a Superior Officer, 1 count. (Guilty)
Rape, 1 count. (Not Guilty)
Forcible Sodomy, 1 count. (Not Guilty)
Servicemember awarded reduction in grade, Fined 1/2 month's pay at previous grade for 3 months, and is no longer recommended for promotion. Servicemember will be transferred to a unit under the command of a different General Officer at the first opportunity.
//End of Record//
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PFC Jacob Somerset, CS 17th SOG

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CA-4M Combat Medic Body Armor
• 8 Armor and +3 Toughness
• Integrated medical suite grants +2 to Healing rolls for first aid.
• Full Environmental Protection
• Built-in mini-computers for basic functions
• Communications system with a 10 mile range
• Public-address loudspeakers
Multi-Optic Helmet
• Weight: 20 (Min. Str. d6)

CP-40 Pulse Laser Rifle (on shoulder strap)
• Range: 24/48/96
• Damage: 4d6, AP 4
• Rate of Fire: 3
• Payload: 30 or 60
• Notes: Heavy Pulse, Integrated Multi-Optics Scope, Energy Reserve, Cauterize, No Recoil
• Weight: 9 (Min Str d6)

GEAR Load-Bearing Harness (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Characters wearing this coat treat their Strength as one die type higher when determining Encumbrance (SWADE page 67). This stacks with Brawny.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (3 lbs.)
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (TLPG, p.88)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Grenade Pouch Type 1: 2 fragmentation grenades (5/10/20; 5d6 MD, LBT)
• Grenade Pouch Type 1: 2 smoke grenades
• Knife Sheath: Vibro-Knife
• • Damage: Str+d6, AP 6, MD
• • Notes: Harmonic Blades, MD, Powered Weapons
• • Weight: 2 (Min Str d4)
• Small Sidearm Magazine Pouch: 1 pistol e-clip for Vibro-Knife (and a place to put the discharged e-clip)
• Small Sidearm Magazine Pouch: pouch for 2 pistol e-clips
• Holster: C-20 Laser Pistol
• • Range: 12/24/48
• • Damage: 3d6+1, AP 3
• • Rate of Fire: 1
• • Shots: 21
• • Notes: Cauterize, No Recoil
• • Weight: 3
• Attachment: Empty or Keepsake
• Large All-Purpose Storage Pouch: Trauma Kit with integrated IRMSS
Large All-Purpose Storage Pouch: Trauma Kit with integrated IRMSS
A few steps above a standard first aid kit, this small field pack contains necessary and useful items for saving lives under the worst conditions. It requires a Healing skill of at least d4 to use. The trauma kit grants a +1 on all Healing rolls. Frequent use requires replenishing the supplies, as dictated by the GM. When there’s no medic
or doctor around the integrated IRMSS system can be a lifesaver. It contains countless nanorobotic devices, programmed to seek out damage in a biological system and repair it. The device—the size of a handheld shopping scanner—is removed from the trauma kit and placed over the trauma area, or over the part of the body where internal injuries are suspected. Activating it injects a horde of nanorobots into the bloodstream, which collectively provide an immediate Healing check at d8+2. Once in the system, the nanorobots provide a +2 to any following Healing checks for one day, after which they are flushed from the body. Fully charged, the IRMSS is good for four uses, after which it’s completely useless and must be replaced (5 lb)
Utility Belt: (4 lb)
• Pouch: Canteen (half gallon).
• Pouch: Communicator (5 mile range).
• Pouch: Compass/inertial mapper.
• Pouch: Firestarter kit (solar-powered lighter and flint & steel).
• Pouch: Flashlight/signal light (with bright halogen and infrared options).
• Pouch: Mini first aid kit (+1 Healing check, only one use).
• Pouch: Power bars (three, each can sustain a normal human for a day).
• Rifleman's Large Magazine Pouch (holds fresh E-Clips, has a drawstring pouch for spent magazines (holds 4 magazines, total, including both fresh and empty magazines), and has a weapon cleaning kit built into the pouch's frame.
• • 3 Rifle E-Clips
Melee Weapon Hanger: Neural Mace
• • Damage: Str+d6*, Stun
• • Notes: *Does not deal Mega Damage. Touch Attack (see Savage Worlds), the victim must
check Vigor at –2 (–4 with a raise) or be Stunned, Powered Weapons
• • Weight: 6 (Min Str d6)

CS-S2 Survival Pack (30 lb)
• Extra Uniform x2, underclothes x4, and boots
• 2 person tent, +20% water supplies
• Sleeping bag
• Flashlight w/knife; solar
• Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
• Short range (5 mile) radio
• First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
• Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
• Three ‘saw wires’
• Fire starter
• Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
• 4 signal flares
• Climbing kit w/30 rope
• Soap and washcloth
• Canteen
• 2 weeks rations
• Wooden Cross
• Computer, Field (Grade I; TLPG 87)

Credits: 700

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PFC Jacob Somerset, CS 17th SOG

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Please list all Edges and Advances taken for your character here

Agility: d8 (d4 + 1 starting + 2 Hindrance Points)
Smarts: d10 (d4 + 1 starting + 2 Hindrance Points + FG Roll)
Spirit: d8 (d4 +1 starting + Advance S4)
Strength: d6 (d4 +1 starting)
Vigor: d8 (d4 +1 starting + Advance N1)

  • Academics (Sm)
  • Athletics (Ag) - d8 [d4 (Core) + CS + d8 HJ Roll]
  • Battle (Sm)
  • Boating (Ag)
  • Common Knowledge (Sm) - d6 [d4 (Core) + 1 starting skill point]
  • Driving (Ag)
  • Electronics (Sm) - d6 [0 + 2 starting skill points)]
  • Faith (Sp)
  • Fighting (Ag) - d12 [d6 (CS) +HJ Roll + FG Roll]
  • Focus (Sp)
  • Gambling (Sm)
  • Hacking (Sm)
  • Healing (Sm) - d10 [d6 (MOS) + FG]
  • Intimidation (Sp) - d8 [0 + 2 starting skill points +1 S3 skill point]
  • Language (Sm)
  • Notice (Sm) - d8 [d4 (Core) + 2 starting skill points]
  • Occult (Sm)
  • Persuasion (Sp) - d6 [d4 Core +1 S3 skill point)]
  • Piloting (Ag) - d6 [0 +2 skill points]
  • Psionics (Sm) d10 [0 + FG + 2 starting skill points]
  • Repair (Sm) d8 [0 + FG + 1 starting skill point]
  • Research (Sm)
  • Riding (Ag)
  • Science (Sm) d6 [0 + 2 starting skill points]
  • Shooting (Ag) - d6 (CS) - d8 (HJ Roll)
  • Spellcasting (Sm)
  • Stealth (Ag) - d8 [d4 (Core) + 2 starting skill points]
  • Survival (Sm) - d4 [0 + 1 starting skill point]
  • Swimming (St)
  • Taunt (Sp)
  • Thievery (Ag)
  • Weird Science (Sm)

Racial Abilities
  • Adaptable. Choose one bonus Edge at character creation. Born a Hero setting rule applies.

Iconic Framework
  • Begin with the following and select a Military Occupational Speciality Package from the list below.
  • Begin with Shooting d6, Athletics d6 (including the Core skill boost), and Fighting d6. Also gain the Soldier Edge and gain one of the following hindrances (with no further bonus from it): Illiterate or Vow (Minor; Serve the Coalition).
  • Begin with Standard Issued Gear, substituting as instructed in the various M.O.S. options.
  • Roll on the C.S. Fortune & Glory Table (modified from the MARS Table slightly) two times, possibly modified by M.O.S. package.
  • C.S. Soldiers begin with three rolls on any Hero’s Journey table you like, except for anything to do with Magic. These rolls should represent some important aspect of your character’s youth, training, or combat experience since getting out of training.
  • Build your character as normal, and when finished, give him four Advances. This means he begins play as a Seasoned Rank character.
  • Trauma Specialist M.O.S.
    • While not full doctors like their Combat Surgeon superiors, these dedicated men and women are the primary medics most infantrymen see on the battlefield. Using Mark IX Ambulance Transports and ambulance modified Skull Patrol hover transports, they move injured off the battlefield or treat minor injuries in the field.
    • Trauma Specialist gain the Healer, Combat Lifesaver, Bolster Edges and Healing d6. In addition to their normal gear, they also gain a Trauma Kit with integrated IRMSS, and a Neuro-Mace.

Hero’s Journey
  • Training (3): After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +3 Skill Points, which may be
spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Athletics in any combination.
  • Training (7): Your character has extensively trained in a professional area of expertise, and has a trick or two up her sleeve. You may give her one Professional Edge, ignoring
requirements, subject to the GM’s approval.
  • Psionics (9): Variety of techniques is a power all its own. Your psionic knows one power of any Rank from her own list or one Novice power normally unavailable to her.
  • Training (4): Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge, or Improved Martial Artitist, if he already had Martial Artist.
  • Education (1): Your hero’s voracious appetite for knowledge led to her picking up a little something about pretty much everything. She has the Jack-of-All-Trades Edge.

MARS Fortune & Glory (CS Modified)
  • Up Close and Personal (1): Add two die types to Fighting. Your hero is assigned an additional Close Combat weapon of choice or Trademark Weapon for a starting melee weapon.
  • Choose Your Fate (20): Smart and Learned: Your hero adds one die type to Smarts and two die types to any three Smarts-linked skills.

  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): +1 die Smarts, +1 die Agility
  • Free Edge (Human): Arcane Background (Psionics)
  • Cybernetic Modifications: None
  • Novice 1 Advance: +1 die Vigor
  • Novice 2 Advance: Edge: Extraction
  • Novice 3 Advance: Edge: Mr. Fix-It
  • Seasoned 1 Advance: +1 die Spirit
  • Seasoned 2 Advance: Martial Warrior
  • Seasoned 3 Advance: +2 Skill Points
  • Seasoned 4 Advance: Improved Extraction
  • Veteran 1 Advance: New Powers (Healing, Empathy)
  • Veteran 2 Advance: Chi
  • Veteran 3 Advance: Edge: Improved Combat Lifesaver
  • Veteran 4 Advance:
  • Heroic 1 Advance:
  • Heroic 2 Advance:
  • Heroic 3 Advance:
  • Heroic 4 Advance:
  • Legendary 1 Advance:
  • Legendary 2 Advance:
  • Legendary 3 Advance:
  • Legendary 4 Advance:

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