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Psi-Ghost Psi-Slinger
  • F&G
    • [dice:3a3sphxd]59414:0[/dice:3a3sphxd]
      • Agile and Dexterous: Your hero adds one die type to Agility and begins with either the Ambidextrous or Quick Edge.
      • Vigorous and Tough: Add one die to Vigor and begin with the Nerves of Steel Edge.
    [dice:3a3sphxd]59414:2[/dice:3a3sphxd] - Training
    • Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges (e.g. to take Improved Frenzy your character must have Frenzy first).
    • More ISP means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains the Power Points Edge. Psionics who already have this Edge should reroll.
    [dice:3a3sphxd]59414:4[/dice:3a3sphxd] 1 Less HJ
Hans Greuber
Main Character: Merlaggon
PPE: 20 / 50
  • Band of Healing: 2 / 10
    Band of Power: 2 / 10
    Wings of Icharus: 10 / 10
    Dreamtime: 0 / 5
Active Powers:
Combat Edges:
Level Headed
OOC Comments
Arcane Machinist Gadgets Left: 7 /7
Created Gadgets:
Armor: Dwarven Technosmith (TW) H-1 Combat Armor
[list][*]Structural Integrity Field (Armor Power; Self Only; Free Action; 3/6 PPE)
[*]Exceptional Rapid Recharge (1 PPE per 5 Minutes)
[*]4 PPE per Hour to Charge
[*]Strength d12+2[/list]

Commonly Used Weapons:
  • "Satisfaction" (TW P-40 Particle Beam Cannon)
    • Damage: 3d8+5 AP6 MD.
    • Shots: 40/40
    • RoF: 1
    • Sound (Deafness) Trapping
    • +2 to Shooting
  • "Dreamtime" (TW Revolver)
    • Damage: 2d6+2 AP4
    • Shots: 6/6, Can Fan the Hammer
    • +2 to Shooting
    • Trapping (Temporal Thought; Smarts Roll on Hit or Fatigue)
    • Power - Slumber with Temporal Thought Trapping)
    • +1 Die Shooting
Bennies: 1 / 3 + 1 Red (d8) Bennie
Base Amount
+2 for Hindrances (Loyal and Doesn't Swim)
+1 for RP
-1 to Soak Rocket
-1 for Extra Effort vs. Maelstorm Maker Dramatic Task
-1 for Extra Effort in Quick Combat vs. the Hammers
-1 for Extra Effort in First Round of Mystery in Lord of Hammer
-1 for Re-Roll on Lord of Hammer Closing the Rift

Toughness: 21 (11); Parry: 4; Pace: 7 / (5)

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