Session 0: In the Beginning ...

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Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Tribe of One » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:28 pm

Okay, let's get started! We'll begin our adventures some 10-15 years before your first adventure, during your shared childhood in the village.

We'll take things a step at a time, letting everyone post their result from a given step and flesh it out as needed. Feel free to mention potential NPCs or locations on the map as they come up, but when you see an icon (Map = location; Hand = NPC) you must add one or the other, although it doesn't necessarily have to tie in to your most recent roll.

This is also a good time to add connections between your characters. So, if your character was an orphan, perhaps one of the other characters' parents took you in, or your friends brought you food while you lived in the stables, etc. Also, take a look at the map and claim buildings as needed, or note when additional structures not pictured should be added.

Example post
What did your parents do in the village? What did you learn from them?

Tribe is a Would-Be Knight. (4): His family worked a small farm outside the village. Let's say it's the orchard on the north end of the map, between the village and the river. Tribe's family's last name is Sweet. His parents are alive, but his father has a crippled leg from a fall in the orchard -- now Tribe and his many younger siblings are the ones that climb the trees to pick the fruit. Tribe gets +2 Con, +1 Wis, +1 Cha and the Farming skill from his upbringing.

I'm supposed to add a location this turn. The orchard would be enough, but I'm going to add something to it -- when Tribe was a young boy, a man-sized hole opened up between the roots of the oldest tree in the orchard. On a dare, Tribe started to explore below with a rope tied around his waist. He heard the most beautiful music and was about to go further down when his father pulled him back up and then filled in the hole with river stones and mud mixed with holy water from the church.
For your first post:

What did your parents do in the village? What did you learn from them?
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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Gamil » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:05 pm

Gamil is a transplant from his dwarven clan. His clan has been observing the humans since they first arrived in the area. Being recorders of history and now human history, Gamil was sent to record events first hand, so that records could be accurate and complete.

His arrival was welcomed by the barkeep John Smiles, who recognized Gamil as the son of famed storyteller and orator, Malcor. John's tavern and Inn, The Smiling Jack is one of a few two story buildings in town.

Gamil got an immediate job tasting John's homemade brews and was introduced to other members of town as he performed at The Smiling Jack every so often.

town map (2).jpg
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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:17 pm

Lelya Spriggin, Heir to the legendary Jack Spriggin.

“What did my parents do?” Oh you mean besides venturing to a castle in the sky, slaying Giants and beatimg back a darkness that would leave you shivering as if a cold frost had caked you. Lelya looked at the mountains beyond her families homestead. “Oh that is us right here.”

“My father, ya know Jack, used to take me up into the mountains yonder with our goats. It was hard work, tough work. He taught me the basics of survival. I even spent a night alone up there, just me and the goats.” Lelya smiled very proud of the seemingly unremarkable feat, “You would have to spend a night out there too... Alone to get what I mean. In the dead of night the mountain gets all foggy, and smells to high heven. Nothing happened cause I got my witts... But something, I swear something lives up there.”
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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Neil » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:49 pm

What did your parents do in the village? What did you learn from them?

Neil is a Self-Taught Mage. (5): Your father was the local smith and taught you both hammer and bellows.

Neil's house.PNG
The town smithy is located on the northeast corner of the town marketplace. Neil grew up there with his father working the forge. As Neil grew older, his mind began absorbing knowledge like a sponge. In an attempt one part to silence Neil's constant questioning and one part to take advantage of his son's keen mind, Neil's father apprenticed him to the forge at a young age. Neil gains +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Cha and the Smithing skill from his apprenticeship.

Using scraps from the forge, Neil would often experiment with his metalworking. Some pieces were simply decorative and had no real use. Other pieces were attempts at creating something new and exciting. A few even worked, but his father disapproved of such wastefulness and insisted he focus on learning the trade properly.

Abandoned Tower.PNG
On the edge of town near the wall there is an abandoned and crumbling tower. The townsfolk's rumors say that it used to be a wizard's tower years past. A superstitious lot, the townsfolk tend to give it a wide berth, so Neil would steal away to the tower to stash his various experiments away from his father's prying eyes. It was also the type of place a curious and foolhardy youth would enjoy exploring.
Neil Smith
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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Kaya » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:16 am

Kaya was born on the road, entering the world in a Vistani vardo (a round-topped wagon). Her mother was a fortune-teller and once she was old enough, Kaya would entice giorgios (non-Vistanni) to come and have their fortune read thus allowing her to meet a wide range of people and hear their tales. She would also move through the crowd ensuring that the villagers' purses were noticeably lighter by the time the caravan departed.

When she arrived in the village, she did so with her own vardo and set it up on an empty patch of land. She first earned some coin by dancing at the Smiling Jack Tavern, including the Vistanni traditional evening dance the prastonata. Though the villagers were wary of her at first, and to a degree still are, she slowly gained acceptance for her skills as a healer.

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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Vespernys du Lac » Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:09 am

Lady Vespernys du Lac’s parents are the Duke Girard and Duchess Eliane du Lac. They are the rulers of the local area. The family earned their title through force of arms, conquering and defending this area in the name of the southern kingdom, though those connections have long since grown tenuous as the south pulls back more and more from its frontier, leaving the Duke and Duchess to more or less independent governance, though they technically still owe nominal allegiance to the south. But that allegiance cannot any longer be trusted upon to produce the normal feudal obligations a lord owes to his vassals, and only occasionally does a courier come to the village from the south. As times have grown more lean, the Duke retains the taxes he should send south in country. No one has yet to complain.

This strength of arms has long been feted as a family trait, and indeed, Girard du Lac and his younger brother Cormac are strong warriors. But the rock of the family lineage is threatened by the fact that the duke has yet to produce a proper male heir, and with the recent disappearance of the presumptive heir, Cormac, this leaves Vespernys as the next in line for the ducal throne, for which she is woefully underprepared, as military and political lessons were not part of her upbringing, though she has secretly mastered them herself, and currently sits on the high seat in the ducal court.

The family initially lived in a proper stone keep (to the north of the map, across the bridge and the river, on a lake bordering the woods/Weald). This year, due to the increased upkeep costs on the keep, they have moved into the steward’s manor on the northwest side of the village. Because the manor is located right in the village, and the locals don’t have to trudge a mile up to the keep, Vespernys finds that instead of handling their problems locally, the villagers are much more keen to bring their legal squabbles to court.
Stewad's Manor.jpg
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One of the ways Vespernys likes to rebel, besides playing with the bow, is going to the Smiling Jack Tavern and getting Kaya to teach her those sultry “foreign” dances she does, to her mother’s shock and horror. She always goes in disguise, both to the tavern or out with her bow, and she thinks know one knows, but I think it’s an amusing village “secret” that everyone is in on. But while such antics may be amusing in a young woman, they are becoming less so now that Vespernys is sitting on the high seat in the absence of her father, and there are rumblings that the woman should “know her place”.

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Re: Session 0: In the Beginning ...

Post by Halt » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:59 am

"Halt! When you finish with the hay, come on in. Dinner's ready" Halts mother Lorain was a short, plump woman with auburn hair pulled up in a messy bun.

"Yes mama" A young, and still mostly respectful, Halt shouted back. He quickened his pace in his efforts to distribute hay to the horses in each stall. With 4 brothers and sisters, whoever was last to the dinner table often ended eating the scraps.

Gathered around the table, Halt's family was a noisy but polite bunch. Between the request for more bread or insistence that they must eat their cabbage, Halt's father Torlin noticed something on his son's face.

That's quite the gash Halt... What happened? Torlin asks, a slight suspicion in is tone that didn't go unnoticed by Halt. Luckily he had already prepared a story.

The Du Lac's mare got spooked when the Smith started banging on something right as I passed by the open door. I scratch my face on a tree limb before I was able to calm her down" Halt recites as he pointed eats his food, not making eye contact.

"Ah, I see... Well, she is a temperamental one that mare." Torlin's says, though if Halt were a little older and wiser he would know that his father didn't buy it for a second. "Not so different from the young Miss Du Lac herself if the rumors are true."

Halt misses the rest of his father's comments as he reflects on the events of the day. What had really happened would have gotten Halt extra chores. He had been playing in the Cauham Woods to the west of the village after dropping off the Du Lac's mare. He had come across a particularly tall fir and had climbed it until he breached the canopy completely. View unobstructed, he looked over the forest and spotted a clearing with a bright blue spring shining in the sun. He could barely make them out, but when he squinted he could see that there were diminutive figures playing in the spring. As soon as he spotted them though, they stopped. The one closest to his tree turned and - despite what must have been a mile of distance - looked up directly at where he was sitting in the branches. As soon as it's eyes were on his location he felt a pressure against his head, like a swelling wave from the sea.

Shocked, he let go of his perch and fell backward. It had only taken a few branches to stop his fall, but one had caught him in the face, leaving the scratch that his father saw. He climbed down as quickly as he could and ran all the way back to the village without any sign of whatever he had seen following him.
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