Pre Adventure: Part 2, The road to Kingsdale (Aggy and 42)

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Pre Adventure: Part 2, The road to Kingsdale (Aggy and 42)

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:46 pm

There were several ways to get to Kingsdale. The land was a series of rolling hills with trees, and grasses turning brown as autumn set. Fourty Two and Aggy both set out on the low road about the same time and so for the present found themselves in each other’s company.

About mid day something interesting caught their attention. The first thing they noticed was that there was a strange glowing light coming from a nearby hillock. When they got to the bottom they were greeted by a large man and a few strange looking men in white robes. The man had an odd hat with a long spike coming out of it. He was dressed in fine robes and a cloak which he seemed to be wearing over his head. He held a staff in his right hand and a strange green glowing stone in his left. The man looked to be in his late thirties but seemed to be quite fit. Aggy and Fourty Two didn't know what to make of him. He smiled and instantly the two knew him. He grinned and jubilantly said, “ "You two seem different. Is that a blessing or a curse? You've always been taller than me and you've always been stronger. Does that bother you?"
A little bit about the low road
The low road was one that personified the post apocalypse. A slow broken and meandering road with junked vehicles overgrown with vegetation littering the landscape. It was a road that was not worth getting your head stuck in for, but it did provide a view of several abandoned towns. Towns that were covered in an unkempt grass which was almost as tall as the vehicles that were piled on top of it. Towns that were built in the middle of nowhere, so their locations gave them the feeling of being far away from the world and its problems. One old abandoned town was called Palanoke which was located off a cliff with nothing but a few small buildings to be seen. The town itself was not very well built, but the buildings that were present were quite old, and looked old, and were in dire need of repair.
Feel free to RP a bit as you like, also give a little Interlude style flash back to how you know this man.
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Re: Pre Adventure: Part 2, The road to Kingsdale (Aggy and 42)

Post by Aggelos » Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:32 pm

With a faint snap the leather straps on her holsters seem to reapply themselves as Aggelos gets a closer look at the odd monk. "Gifford...this is a surprise." She had met the strange man and his congregation after escaping El Occulta's clutches. They were some of the oddest people she'd ever met but well meaning and kind. So what if they worshiped a great unicorn and ate hallucinogenic grass? The fates had kept them alive somehow in this crapbox world so they must be doing something right.

"Glad you've not all been killed by bandits or monsters. This looks, weird, but probably important to you. Don't let us keep you."
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