Pre Adventure: Part 2, The Road to Kingsdale(Mr. Zapper and Rena)

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Pre Adventure: Part 2, The Road to Kingsdale(Mr. Zapper and Rena)

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:57 pm

Mr. Zapper and Rena found themselves on the high road to Kingsdale. While they left Castle Refuge separately eventually they found themselves walking together through the rocky granite slabs that made up this particular path. They arrived at an open-ended valley, this one being a narrow pass cut into the granite cliff and the surrounding rocks. On either side of the pass were hundred of humanoid skeletons. Most folks called it the Path of Bones. These skeletons shuffled to and fro enchanted or possibly cursed forever patrolling the Path of Bones. They did little to impede mortals and men, and if rumors were anything to believe in they strictly intervened when the supernatural were near. Still few folks too this high road because it was unnerving. Part way through the first day of travel the two found themselves running into a woman.

She was wearing an elaborate dress with a crown, and looked to be of high nobility. Her hair was a vibrant purple and her skin was pale. "I am Princess Hilda of the Kingdom of Hilde, of the colorado baronies," she said, holding out a hand. "I have been searching for you for some time.” Her dress fluttered and a flash of light came from it. When the blinding light subsided the woman was gone replaced by a flurry of pink iridescent butter flies.

Mr. Zapper and Rena feel free to introduce yoursleves and tell each other and us how you knew this woman and why she might be looking for you?
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