Transmission 0001 - 37-2208

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Transmission 0001 - 37-2208

Post by Icosa »

systemCheck - 00000x1001932-00100111019xxhcf11034 - 4 of 5 modules responding
---module 1 - 0193ns
---module 2 - 1401ns
---module 3 - 0923ns
---module 4 - 7101ns
---module 5 - ...0...0...0...

Repairing unresponsive module
ICOSA online

attach- img001
attach- vid001
attach- sens001

engineICOSA >>I have passed through the anomaly and am now on Earth. The shielding container partially failed, resulting in damage to redundant systems. Repair in progress. There will be no long-term consequence to my effectiveness. Atmosphere, temperature, plant life all fall within expected ranges. There are several radio signal sources nearby. I am following the strongest.

attach- img037
attach- vid013
attach- sens102

engineICOSA >>Encountered aggressive nonsapient life and sustained minor damage. A hunting pack of seven individual reptilian creatures, approximately three meters long with neck and tail at full extension. Their teeth and jaws were stronger than expected. No silver required to overcome.

attach- img109
attach- vid0116
attach- sens367

engineICOSA >>Signal tracking led me to a small armored team conducting a reconnaissance expedition. While initially wary, they were not hostile and I was able to initiate communication. They identified themselves as being from a community called 'Lazlo,' and were willing to lead me there. Summary follows:

Lazlo - Preliminary Assessment
Location/Environment - Built near the ruins of Toronto in Canada, it controls the surrounding countryside and its natural resources.
Stability - Lazlo claims to be one of the older settlements in North America. Its military has a great deal of 'irregular' units, though it has begun to formalize as the city-state conducted defensive wars against alien beings known as 'Xiticix.' Its government enjoys popular support. It is currently challenged by demographic problems due to large numbers of refugees from a recent war fought between two unencountered factions: The Coalition and Tolkeen.
Politics - Lazlo is a democratic republic, using direct votes of citizens to elect representatives to a legislative Senate. Detailed analysis in progress.
Demographics - The city hosts individuals without regard for planet or world of origin, resulting in a diverse population. Many beings that would not have been recognized as 'people' by the CAN Republic are citizens.
Tactical - Lazlo's military is nearly entirely defensive, composed of volunteers from its citizenry. This volunteer force is formidable though, despite its lack of standardization and military discipline due to the large number of powerful non-human beings in it. Prevailing technological level is inferior to CAN standards, but their embrace of paranatural abilities is an equalizing variable. Lazlo is physically isolated from other large factions in North America, with no allies of comparable strength, but its two most competitive antagonistic factions being too distant...and too distracted by mutual threaten them directly.

>>More time is needed to conduct analysis. Lazlo is sponsoring a major exploratory expedition to the west coast of the North American continent. As this will give me more time to extract information from citizens, opportunity to make contact with other settlements with support from a larger force, and access to information collected from the entire expedition, I have asked to join.
OOC Comments
Bennies: 4/4 Red Bennies: 1
Toughness: 21 (9 armor), Parry 9
Notice: 1d8 (+2 visual)

Character Name: Alecto
Rank: Seasoned Experience: 45 Advances Left: 0
Race: Android
Iconic Framework: MARS Techno Warrior
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10 (d12+2), Vigor d8
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6 (8); Parry: 6 (9); Toughness: 11 (+2 in armor, and +7 armor)

Race Package:
Adaptable (2)
Construct (8)

Outsider (-1) (Applies when true robotic nature is revealed)
Distinctive (Concealable; a Wound reveals) (-1)
Restricted Path (No ISP/PPE) (-2)
Wanted (Major) (-2) (CS, Federation would destroy immediately; also mysterious creating faction hasn't forgotten her)
Dependency (Power) (-2)

Skills: 15 (5 fight/shoot/throw)
Shooting 1d10
Fighting 1d8 (1d12+2)
Investigation 1d6
Persuasion 1d6
Stealth 1d8
Streetwise 1d8
Notice 1d8

Clueless (Major - Is rebuilding knowledge of the world after having suffered near-total memory loss)
Stubborn (Minor - Has great confidence in ability to calculate outcomes; tends to reject counterarguments)
Cautious (Minor - Always wants to plan for every contingency; cover every angle)

Adaptable: Attractive
Brawny (+1 Toughness, 8x Str carrying)
Brave (+2 vs fear)
Ambidextrous (ignore offhand penalty)
Rich (5000creds at start, 2 rolls on gear tables)
Filthy Rich (20,000 at start, 3 more rolls)
Quick Draw (draw weapon as free action, +2 to Agility to fast-draw)
Two-Fisted (ignore multi-action penalty for using off hand)
Level-headed (draw two initiative cards and use best)
Sweep (Make single Fighting attack and apply to all adjacent targets at -2)
Rock and Roll (Ignore recoil penalties on full-auto shots)
Strong Willed (+2 to Taunt and Intimidate; +2 on Tests of Wills)
Elan (+2 on rolls resulting from using a Benny)
Improved Sweep (Fighting attacks made with Sweep suffer no penalty)

Upgrades (Cybernetics): (Max Strain: 12)
Core Electronics (1)
* Interface jack: +4 Repair or Common knowledge for linked equipment, 20 mile radio
Optics Package (1)
* +2 sight Notice, IR/Nightsight, 50x distance/20x macro, +2 vs blinding, record images
Reinforced Frame 2 (2)
* +4 Toughness
Enhanced Vigor 1 (1)
* +1d Vigor
Cyber-Wired Reflexes 1 (1)
* +1d Agility
Wired Chip Port (1)
* 4d skill chip (Fighting)
Targeting Eye (1)
* +2 Shooting on calibrated weapons
Nano-Repair System (2)
* Heal 1 Wound/day, +4 vs Bleeding Out
Built in Weaponry (1)
* 1 Vibroblade (purchased: 13,500)

Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol (2d6+1, AP4, RoF 1, 16eclip, 15/30/60, semiauto)
JA-11 Laser Rifle (3d6 laser or 3d6+1 ion, AP2, RoF 1, 60eclip, 30/60/120, can do MD for 10x shot power +snapfire, reduces range penalties by 2)
Vibro-Sword (Str+1d10 MD)
NG-E4 Plasma Ejector (3d10 MD, no AP, RoF 1, 12eclip, 24/48/96, snapfire, affects least-armored location, can ignite)
NE-85 Personal Rail Gun
Range: 70/140/280
Damage: 2d10+4
RoF: 3
AP: 4
Shots: 20
Weight: 60 lbs
Cost: 75,000
Notes: Mega Damage, no Snapfire penalty. Shots listed are number of full bursts.
SFD Huntsman Armor (+3 armor mod)

The Fury - Signature Item
Exoskeleton Body Armor
+2 toughness, +9 armor
Pace +2
Str 1d12+2
Full environment
Loudspeaker, 10 mile radio, laser rangefinder, nightvision
Min str d8
96 hours operation on full charge

NG-S2 Survival Pack
2 person tent, +20% water supplies
Sleeping bag
Flashlight w/knife; solar
Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
Short range (5 mile) radio
First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
Three ‘saw wires’
Fire starter
Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
4 signal flares
Climbing kit w/30 rope
Soap and washcloth
2 weeks rations

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