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Journals are a time honored tradition for intrepid explorers and the heroes of Adventure Inc. are no exception. This is a place to post in character reflections on what's happening, we'll use these as a form of interludes as we journey along but feel free to help pad your post count by adding entries as you feel (they may not count one for one to post rate but I'll use them to bump counts).
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Erebus Caine's War Journal

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It rained today. And by that, I mean fucking rained. Noah’s ark level piss from the sky. But I stayed in position. It just meant when I pissed, it didn’t smell as badly. But the rain meant the Coalition convoy was late. But I was patient. For this, I could be patient.

The convoy started across the bridge, one of the few remaining in the area after the war. I let the scouts go through. I let the command vehicle go through. Then I blew the bridge. Chaos ensued. Everything followed Coalition SOP. Too bad I know SOP like the back of my hand. I just needed one shot.

I got it. Scratch Commander Hurin from the list.

The scouts spread out, and I slipped away, back to the secondary hide where I could get dry and get some clean pants. There was already someone there. Some fucking D-Bee. I tried to put a laser bolt in his head, but he had some kind of magic shield up. Fucking magic.

The D-Bee only wanted to talk. And he had a cred card with enough on it to buy him a conversation. Turned out Lazlo needed a guide, some wilderness experts. Well, I needed to get out of the area for the moment, needed to plan the next hit. So I took him up on his offer.

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