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Journal of Dominic Skodati

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There we were standing in the library of the Arcane College in Merctown. One of the biggest collections of magical knowledge outside Lazlo. Maybe number two in North America now that the Coalition burned Tolkeen to the ground.

But this caper was only about one book, my book, the bleak tome. I could feel it hidden by my magic. Knowing a lot of people were looking for it made it a hot commodity, and hot commodities either made you money or made you dead. I ain't ready to be some necromancer's bitch just yet.

I felt the sudden urge to get out of there, fast, but this working with a team slowed things to a crawl while we debated what to do. It was like being in that relationship where nobody would pick a damn place to go for dinner. I never asked to be in a relationship. I'm bad at relationships

Sorry fellas, I'm breaking up with you. It's not me it's you.

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