Investigator's Notebook of Gaspard Gillead

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Investigator's Notebook of Gaspard Gillead

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his notebook is bound in durable reddish leather from some indeterminate creature. The contents are not only written in a dozen different languages (switching from one paragraph to the next), but then encoded in a simple cipher appropriate to that language. Cracking the ciphers would be not too difficult for someone with both intelligence and working knowledge of the languages in question, but otherwise it would be nigh-impossible to even begin to crack, even with a translator's dictionary.

On top of this, the contents are not particularly organized--sometimes they are virtually journal entries; other times a string of short-hand notes, a quick question scribbled in the margin, or a detailed speculation on arcane theory. The following are 'significant excerpts'.

Heather: Good moral center; needs confidence. Easily disarmed by pretty boys.

Surprised to see the Legion let a kid--even one in a Power Armor suit--go into the field. Still, can't deny Alex has the skills to operate that thing. Just hope the kinds of crap we've been hitting don't scar him too badly. Note: ? Heather re: counseling.

Why is it that the artifacts that are hardest to destroy are always corrupt or malignant? We need to be fast on this assignment--thought of B.T. ending up in the City of Brass, or one of the darker towns in FoM territory, is enough to give me nightmares for weeks.

Interruption: Book with details on B.T. creation (and hopefully clues to destruction) stolen; now a criminal investigation.

Hate letting Dominic keep the B.T. He's unreliable, probably bent, and careless. Had to intervene to keep him from being magically bugged. If he makes a runner with the book, I'll sic an Alu on him.
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