Shop till you drop: The thread for your off camera shopping.

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Shop till you drop: The thread for your off camera shopping.

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So What this thread will do is list the vendors and prices available where you are. As we move to new places I'll post what's there as interest dictates. Like a major town you're doing stuff in I'll have a post ready but some Podunk village you're just passing through... not so much, :)

Castle Refuge: NGR Sales and Service

With a quick smile Chuck Jones adjusts his armor and slumg his rifle behind him. Of course all his gear was NGR made as if he was a poster child of what the best gear the NGR has to offer. He might look merc, but he is all sales man, “Friend, come check out the newest shipment from the NGR. Need some armor we got it... Need a rifle, or vibroblade we got you covered.” He sweeps his hand behind him at the many crates, ”Just remember if you buy NGR, you’ll get one of the most durable and reliable pieces of equipment you ever bought... Only a 10% markup for you Legionnaires so it is a steal of a deal!”

All NGR Personal equipment and weapons are available at a 10% increase of what is listed. Common equipment or personal tech equipment without a manufacture designation can be purchased as a “NGR” brand. For the more hi tech equipment make common kn roll at -1. Most likely basic weapons and armor will fall under this, but use their rarity modifiers instead of the hi tech modifier listed above. For a 3k donation into the NGR Children against gargoyles fund you can gain a +2 bonus. Success he has it in stock. Fail nothing at the moment. If you are buying bunch of similar equipment just roll once and use the worse modifier.

For Savage Rifts weapons and armor of the NGR verity, make a networking roll at the items own modifier. Success he has it in stock at a 10% increase of what is listed. Fail, he does not have it in stock. Roll for each item.

On Rare occasion he will deign to sell something from a competitor. The role for this is made with an additional -2 to the items rarity and if he has it the item will be sold at a 25% mark up. Only one such check may be made per character.

High-end German engineering makes NGR equipment easier to repair and maintain—if you can get your hands on the expensive, imported replacement parts. Gain a +2 on Repair rolls using genuine Triax parts but suffer a −2 on Availability rolls to find Triax products or parts in North America—and the price can easily be double or triple listed amounts.

Castle Refuge: Workshop of Terra Silverforge
Pender Lumkiss wrote:
Wed Dec 25, 2019 7:19 pm
In the TL castle’s main throughfare is a small store front decked out in a steampunk’s wet dream. Copper pipimg Edison light bulbs, technowizardry crystals of all sorts adorned the store front. A young red headed man, whose eyes betrayed a sense of experience beyond his years manned the counter. Talyer Thomas, red headed, and freckled faced with a pair of glasses smiled at one who came up.

His standard well practiced greeting got things rolling and set expectations for the shop prices, “Welcome to Silverforge’s shop. Our wares meet expectations in the vampire kimgdoms to the south, and can meet your expectations as well. Our prices are just about the best you will find, and everything is of course built Forge Tough... Ahem only a 10% markup for the TL members here, 30% if you need Tera to put a personal touch only legendary technowizards have learned.”

Feel free to RP as you will and purchase any TW item with a small markup. Follow the same guidelines as above.
GM of 21st SET
GM bennies

Characters Imperator (GM account), Barinthasheer, Aggelos, Xiang, Dorian Falstaff, Fiona Gladbrooke, Kyrin Brand

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Re: Shop till you drop: The thread for your off camera shopping.

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Zak walks up to the sales Rep, Mr, Chuck Jones. He looks at him and smiles:

”I'm here to buy, not to eat you.” That's an old Psi Stalker joke.

”I want to see some of your western guns. I know you make knock offs of the Western stuff, and also some more modern firearms. I saw someone with a pair of Desert Eagles on the range and I was impressed with them." I was also using a computer an it mentioned a Pistol named La Matt? do you happen to have one of them?"

Wealth Dice
Wealth 1d6!!: [10!!] = 10
Wild Dice
Wild Die 1d6!!: [8!!] = 8
Wish List
OOC Comments
Zak at the store
Funds 3000 Credits +8600 credits + 7000 credits of goods= 18600

(2) Colt 1911 (.45) 12/24/48 2d6+1 1 1 7 d4 4 200 400
(2) Desert Eagle (.50) 15/30/60 2d8 2 1 7 d6 8 300 600
Winchester ‘73 (.44-40) 24/48/96 2d8–1 2 1 15 d6 10 300 300
M2 Browning (.50 Cal) 50/100/200 2d10 4 3 200 NA 84 1,500 1500
Notes: Heavy Weapon.
Total 2800
Rapier Str+d4 d4 2 150 Parry +1 100
Dagger/Knife 3/6/12 Str+d4 — 1 d4 1 x 8 25 200
total 300
Medium 20/50 rounds 2 lbs/50 9mm to .45 caliber
45 x2 100 for 40
45 APC x2 100 for 40
44-20 x2 100 for 40
Total 120
Large 50/50 rounds 15 lbs/50 .50 caliber and larger rounds
.50 x5 100 for 250
.50 x10 200 for 500
Total 850

Smoke Grenade 5/10/20 — — — LBT 1 50 x4=200
Notes: Creates an area of smoke in a LBT that obscures vision (–4).
MDC Handcuffs: x2 (3 lb, 750 credits) 1500
GEAR Lock Pick Release Gun: (2 lb, 1,800 credits).
Silencer:, x2 (1 lb., 500 credits).1000
Thieves tool kit 200
Electronic Repair tool kit 200
Total 4900
Grand total+10%= 10854
Zak Maclintock
ZAK Sheet
Race: Psi Stalker

Iconic Framework: Mars /Psi Slinger (A&M pg 20)

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d4 Pace: 8; Parry: 0 (½ Fighting +2); Toughness: 4 (½ Vigor+2 plus armor); Strain: 0
• Armor: +7 Toughness: +3
Bennies 4
EP bought: +2

OOC Comments
Body Armor:
The most popular series of new body armor produced by the Manistique Imperium, Vaqueros body armor has Mexican/Spanish styling worthy of its namesake. The helmet has a mesh fabric bandanna covering reminiscent of a western bandito, flashy cowboy boots made from advanced materials, and the armor has an integrated gun belt and pair of holsters. Besides being stylish,

Covered in a fiber-optic material, your armor color shifts to match the surrounding area with custom camouflage patterns, masks infrared as well as thermal emissions, and is designed to reduce noise. Wearers are +2 to all Stealth rolls.

Multi-Optics Helmet: This helmet—compatible with EBA systems (see page 88)—includes a targeting sight,
magnification, thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, and night optics. The wearer ignores Illumination penalties, gains +2 to sight based Notice checks or to offset Range penalties, and +1 Shooting with calibrated weapons. The helmet includes a hands-free radio (10-mile range) and megaphone voice projection system. It provides +4 Armor
and +2 Toughness to the head only, and can integrate into body armor helmets for an extra 500 credits (5 lb, 25,000 credits)

• Armor: +7 Toughness: +3
• Weight: 20 lbs (Min Str: d6)
• Notes: Basic Communications (radio range five miles), air filtration systems, and five hours of emergency air
• Rarity: -3; Cost: 40,000
• Attachment: Desert Eagle
• Attachment: Desert Eagle

NG LPO Elite Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Characters wearing this coat treat their Strength as one die type higher when determining Encumbrance (SWADE page 67). This stacks with Brawny.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (3 lbs.)
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (TLPG, p.88)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Clip Desert Eagle
• Attachment: Clip Desert Eagle
• Attachment: Clip Desert Eagle
• Attachment: Clip Desert Eagle
• Attachment: Dagger
• Attachment: Dagger
• Attachment: Locks Pick
• Attachment: Altess Eviscerator
• Attachment: Silencer:
• Attachment: Silencer:
• Attachment: MDC Handcuffs:
• Attachment: Special Item Creation Multi Translator

RH100 Robot Horse: Black Star,
all Black coat, Starburst White mark on forehead
Size 2 (Normal),
Handling +2, Top Speed 75 MPH, Toughness
24 (12), Crew 1+1, Remaining Mods 3.

Notes: ATV, Exposed Crew, NuclearPowered, STS.
OOC Comments

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+5, Vigor d12
Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d6, Notice d6, Survival d6
Saddle Attachments
• Attachment: Rifle sleeve Winchester ‘73 (.44-40)
• Attachment: Rapier
• Attachment:Saddle bags
• Attachment: Sleeping roll
„ Kick (Str+d6 Mega Damage)

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Re: Shop till you drop: The thread for your off camera shopping.

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Networking 2
-2 Rarity
Persuasion 1d4!!-2: [6!!]-2 = 4
Wild 1d6!!-2: [2]-2 = 0

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